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a clear winner has yet to be declared in ohio. mitt romney and rick is an form continue to balance it out. rick santorum prevailed in tennessee with a comfortablably. mitt romney won his home state of georgia with homes this will revise his campaign. republican candidate to one 1,144 delegates will falls president obama in november. joining me from washington, al hunt in charge of bloomberg's coverage, jane coming editor of bloomberg news. mike murphy a contributor to "time" magazine and republican at any rate gist and matt dowd is a contributor for abc news and bloomberg news. i'm pleased to have both of you at this table. how good is that, al. we go first to al hunt. don't you michigan you were at the table. >> -- don't you wish you were at the table. >> i do, i do. >> rose: not knowing what's going to happen in ohio, tell me what you see this evening that tells us where this race might be headed. >> mitt romney probably moved closer to the nomination tonight racking up more delegates. yet when you look at it charlie, it was a very troubling night for gone romney unde governor r. what
gingrich would have left a long time ago if he did not have a superpower. mitt romney would not have been in a strong opposition as he is today. there is no doubt about it. supertax have fundamentally altered the nature of the campaign. it has made it more negative, and it has made campaigning less transparent, so you do not know exactly where the attack ads are coming from. it is not good for the party or for the country in general. >> i think you are right. i think it is bad on both sides. i was upset with the president for embracing this nonsense. i think it is wrong across the board, but what do we do about? >> i think it is up to the united states congress and the president of the united states to pass some form of campaign finance reform that the supreme court not overturned. there has to be a way to draft a bill that would prevent a billionaire to be able to write $10 billion checks of the time to keep the campaign going but does not have the support of individual americans. i am not a huge fan of individual limits to campaigns. i think people should be able to give what they want
another tur in michigan. polls are tight between mitt romney and rick santorum, despite the fact that michigan is mitt romney's home state. tonight actress and film maker jennifer westfeldt is here. she is the director and star the new film "friends with kids." debbie dingell and jennifer westfeldt coming out. >> every community has a martin luther king boulevard. it is a place to gather with your community to make everyday better. >> and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. tavis: a quick look ahead to what is coming up here this week. tomorrow i will be joined by singer-songwriter sinead o'connor. she is out with an acclaimed new cd, that maybe her most personal project to date. i will be joined by two of the leading heart experts for an in- depth conversation on ways we can improve our heart health. despite all of the improvements in medicine, heart disease remains the no. 1 cause of death across america. we will have a conversation on a supreme court review on a major vote -- a major affirmative action case. those who support affirmative acti
to gmt. also coming up in the program, mitt romney takes super tuesday. as syrian's humanitarian crisis continues, the un special envoy continues in damascus. it is midday here in london. 7:00 a.m. in boston. mid afternoon in afghanistan were six british soldiers are missing, believed killed in the worst enemy attack on british forces since operation began in 2001. the troops were on patrol when their armored vehicle was hit by an explosion. their debt will bring the total number from the british military killed two more than 400. this report. >> since 2001, british troops have been sent to serve afghanistan to rid the state of those in al qaeda and to provide stability. in that time, members of the army, the world marines, and special forces have all lost their lives. and now, the army has announced that number includes five soldiers and one from the first battalion. this was the reaction from a former commander of british forces in afghanistan. >> clearly, it was a very significant explosion which managed to, as we understand it, killed six soldiers in an armored vehicle, which is a v
. former massachusetts governor mitt romney and former pennsylvania senator rick santorum are both projected to win three states each. they are locked in a tight race in ohio. voters are taking part in primaries and caucuses in ten states. the contest will determine 1/5 of the delegates to the convention this august. the race in ohio has drawn a lot of attention. it's not clear yet who will win there. abc television reports romney has 37% and santorum 38% with more than 3/4 of the votes counted. abc also says romney is certain to win in virginia, vermont, and massachusetts. romney is a moderate. he has been the front-runner since the initial stages of the race. abc says santorum is certain to win in tennessee, oklahoma and in north dakota. he is a conservative. the former speaker of the u.s. house of representatives newt gingrich is also a conservative. he is certain to win in georgia. >>> rick santorum is posing a particularly big threat to romney in conservative stronghold states. the recent standoff between the catholic church and the obama administration over the president's bi
obama increased his favorability by 20 points. mitt romney has to figure out a way to win a campaign positively. >> rose: we conclude this evening with william shatner of ""star trek"" and movie and television fame and now on broadway in a one-man show. >> i go to the door, and it's a little boy. yes. he says are you "captain kirk?" i said, "yeah." ( laughter ) he says, "is this your spaceship?" ( laughter ) and i recognized the thing standing on the-- on-- and this thing on the moon. "yeah." "can i come in and see your spaceship, captain kirk?" "come on in." ( laughter ) take him to the stove. ( laughter ) ( applause ) this is where i guide the spaceship. "oh, ." >> can i make a point at at my age my life might have some meaning and since we ask ourselves in varies ways who am i and what am i doing-- and that's a rhetorical question because there is no answer-- if i present to you some of these fact can you give me an answer? so became this magnificent-- i hope-- obsession of doing this one-man show in such a manner that it would be effective and well received and bring in an audien
house. mitt romney's breaks free of the pack. benjamin netanyahu is warning iran, saying that u.s.-led diplomatic efforts have failed to stop the country opposing nuclear program and israel will not wait much longer. it's midday in london, 8:00 p.m. in hong kong, 2:00 in the afternoon in syria. the most deadly battle there and now the focus of a diplomatic efforts for a humanitarian operation. a chinese envoy arrived on tuesday followed by if you and representatives later in the week. state television has been showing pictures of the government efforts showing bulldozers moving in to clear up after four weeks of shelling in homs. activists say they are clearing away evidence of atrocities. >> the cleanup operation is underway. syrian state television said things were returning to normal? as the bulldozers moved in to clear rubble left by weeks of bombardment. the international red cross has been prevented since friday from getting in on the grounds that is t dangerouso. o some families have begun returning to the battered district. some fled months ago and others more recently a
their ballots, mitt romney walk away with six and a boost to his delegate lead, but with rick santorum scoring victories in six states doubt still remains, and nowhere was it more down to the wire that and in ohio rigid stand in ohio. >> this is a run away, but he gets no outs for his victories, in ohio spending four times as much as his nearest rival. but tomorrow and we get up and start again, and so we go day by day, step by step. >> appealing to republican hearts and one after the the other has been the hope. now christian conservative rick santorum is a standard error of the right, attacking credibility. >> we need a person running against president obama who is truthful with the american public. >> the message of appeals in rural america as places like ohio, and mitt romney cannot seal the deal. places like this they pick the politicians as carefully as they choose their council. issues like abortion and gay marriage can become surprisingly important. >> i do not think you can be too conservative, especially in this day and age. >> the priority is choosing a right-wing firebrand, even if
it may lead to. >> will it be a super tuesday for mitt romney? republicans battle in 10 states and the party moves closer to a nominee. taking on the world's fastest man. prince harry tries to get the jump, making for quite the jubilee visit to jamaica. welcome to our viewers in a america and around the globe. the regime has so much blood on its hands already that it is bound to continue its violent crackdown. that is the grim assessment of britain's ambassador to damascus. he spoke to the bbc amid further allegations of atrocities committed by syrian forces after they entered the thebabr amr district of homs. our diplomatic correspondent reports. >> this is why so many families are fleeing syria. it looks as if government forces are still selling parts of homs. it is hard to be certain when the pictures were taken. more than 1500 syrians have fled into lebanon in the last few days with no end to the violence in sight. britain's ambassador to syria was withdrawn last week. today, he told me about some of the suffering he witnessed. >> i have met people who have been tortured. t
need? you are leading mitt romney and rick santorum and newt gingrich by double digits in most of these states begin i am just trying to find out about a decision to be statesmanlike, and you talk about the legacy. putting some more tea and mccain-feingold, starting to get money out of our politics. why not? >> i think he still could do that in this campaign. he only made this announcement one month ago. they can pull back from the brink. everybody knows who he is. he is going to win because he is barack obama, not because of the money. you and i are agreeing so much is a problem. he should do that. it would be a wonderful thing, and then he would have momentum when he comes in next january, like you and i have talked about. to propose these things when you have gone the way, it does look hypocritical. i urge the president to reverse this. it has not gone too far. the american people are on to it. they know that citizens united is a fraud, and this president can start it sooner rather than later. tavis: stephen colbert. everybody understands what a joke this super pac stuff is.
to gravitate toward mitt romney, who is mormon. and the catholic rick santorum continued to do better with evangelical voters. we'll have more analysis in a few moments. >>> a range of jewish groups rallied at the white house this week, as israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu arrived in washington. talk of iran's nuclear program dominated his meeting with president obama. earlier, in a speech to the pro-israel lobby group aipac, obama said the jewish state does have a right to defend itself. but he also cautioned against "loose talk of war." most jewish groups praised the president's support for israel, but some also argued against any preemptive military strike in iran. during his visit, netanyahu gave obama a copy of the book of esther. this past week, jews celebrated purim, which retells the biblical story of queen esther stopping a plot in ancient persia to annihilate the jews. since persia is the modern day iran, many saw a very relevant parallel to current events. >>> attorney general eric holder this week broke the administration's silence about its justifications for a dr
front-runners. in this past week's michigan primary, mitt romney, who is mormon, got 45% of the roman-catholic vote, while rick santorum, who is catholic, got 30%. but santorum continues to do much better among evangelicals. in michigan, 51% of white evangelicals voted for him, compared to only 35% who voted for romney. >>> faith-based relief organizations are among those delivering food, water and emergency aid to victims of the severe weather that hit the midwest and south. several people died and hundreds were injured in a series of tornados that swept through at least five states. volunteer crews are helping with clean-up, and local churches are providing shelter for those whose homes were destroyed. >>> in afghanistan, protests continued for the second week after copies of the quran were burned at a u.s. military base. two more american service members were killed on thursday. the u.s. has apologized, saying the quran burning was unintentional. at least 30 people have died in the anti-u.s. violence, including four other americans killed last week. >>> a new report from amnesty in
. but they didn't spend time with her. the staff didn't now how to pronounce her name. >> rose: if romney wins the nomination does he need a game changer. >> i think what he needs to do is to pick someone who is obviously qualified to be president. i think that's the first thing any smart presidential nominee does. and if he can find someone who is qualified to be president and a game changer, that's great. i think al gore is kind of the quintessential example of that. he was a game changer because it reinforced some of the things about bill clinton that people liked and added to it. so i think -- >> rose: attractive forward thinking. >> new democrats and all that. i think of the people who might be considered somebody like chris christie could be considered a game changer but you got to pick somebody who is qualified and i think governor romney knows that. >> rose: he couldn't pick some general somewhere could he. >> if the general was instantly perceived to be qualified. i don't know if he would be perceived that way. i think out of the box pick like governor palin was or general petraeus
that in these debates between obama and romney, obama and team bridge, whoever else they decide they want to put up, the nominees will be asked a question about this case or affirmative action. what position does this put the african american president in in? >> i think most americans are comfortae with the ibm of divert -- with the idea of diversity. this is not just a way for the university to select candidates based on their race but also the fact they have this additional process that enables people to get admitted in addition to the 10% plan. maybe how they admit their football players or their basketball players, the people who play polo. those who are interested in sports could understand why the university does not want to rely only on a 10% plan that admits the top 10% of their graduating class. they are looking for people who are going to add something to the atmosphere on campus. most americans would see that as being a reasonable approach. this is not a quota. we're talking about 1200 students in a university that has thousands of students. there is no evidence that this holistic review
you have it in your genes? >> i think med romney has been a little disingenuous in talking about himself as an entrepreneur. basically a well-healed kid goes to work for an investment bank and makes a load of dough. is that really are entrepreneurs should? >> that he could feel the pain of those who are the entrepreneurs. >> entrepreneur r's want to work for themselves. like my friends who started a restaurant in washington called terasol. in a combination of the word terre which means earth, or land,,sol, which means sun. >> thank you for the language lesson, linda. these are people who want to run a restaurant. combining it with pots and things that are made -- >> it is an artist and a gallery with things -- >> but those are real entrepreneurs. my father was and entrepreneurs. he had a pickup truck, his name on the side and he repaired water comes. anything that was broken. but that more entrepreneurs. if you could get that and move it into a large business or even a medium-sized business you really succeeded. but these are not people -- our friends in the restaurant are not wo
romney has been disingenuous in talking about himself as an entrepreneur. a well-heeled kid goes to work for an investment bank and makes a lot of money, is that really entrepreneurship? >> and he from people who are entrepreneurs. >> they want to look -- they're people that want to work for themselves. like my friend, mike, who started a restaurant called tarasaul. >> a combination of earth and sun. >> thank you for the language lesson. [laughter] these are people that want to run the restaurant. they get artisan of pots and things -- it is a gathering. >> right, a gallery. >> those are the real entrepreneurs. my father was a notch offender. he had a pickup truck and he repaired water pumps, anything that was broken. he was never that successful. but if you can get that and move it into a large or even medium- sized business, you can succeed. but these are not people who are worrying about whether they get tax breaks. they would like to stay in business long enough to pay some taxes. >> therein lies the emphasis of the republican conversation. >> because they have a lot of money and the
romney or president santorum? for any flaws we see in president obama, i think he is better than any alternative we can look at. tavis: join us tomorrow for our final conversation on women, children, and poverty in america. see you tomorrow. >> for more information on today's show, visit tavis smiley at pbs.org. tavis: hi, i'm tavis smiley. join me next time for a conversation about women, children, and poverty in america. >> every community has a martin luther king boulevard. it's the cornerstone we all know. it's not just a street or boulevard, but a place where walmart stands together with your community to make every day better. >> making a difference every day. >> and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. >> be more. pbs.
happens today with the uninsured governor romney in massachusetts i think defended this very well as a conservative approach of saying that, look, we're going to tell insurance companies that they have to stop turning people down because of their present or pre-existing health conditions or charging people a higher premium because of their health condition, but if we do that everybody will wait until they're already hit by a car in order to get health insurance so governor romney said we have to have an incentive for people to go ahead and sign up. that's what this is. you can... i think if the court uphold this is-- and i believe they will-- they're not going to write an opinion that says congress can simply force anybody into any commercial transaction congress wishes. they're going to write a limited opinion that says that because everybody is going to be consuming health care no one can avoid it, everybody's going to have to finance it, congress can obviously regular the financing of this and that does not open the road to requiring people to buy broccoli or general motors car
party, the republican party. i don't buy that at all. i have always been of the view that mitt romney is a strongest candidate we can nominate, i believe that because you win general elections by appealing to independent voters in the swing states and i think he is best-equipped to do that. i say that -- i don't believe in the conventional wisdom that the primary is going to kill -- the fighting is going to kill us because i think it strengthens or candidates. >> rose: what else to do you think about this general election that is coming up? >> well, i think we have an excellent chance to -- the economy is not coming back -- the economy always determines in the absence of actual war and peace, there is no other real -- people vote their pocketbooks. you see, it is the economy, the economy, and the economy that's it in that order. >> rose: is healthcare a huge negative for the president? >> i don't know the answer to that. it is a huge negative among many voters whoรง hate to see the continued expansion. >> rose: of government. >> of the federal government. >> rose: even though they lo
: it looks like romney will get the nomination for your party does it not. >> i would think so, yes. hopefully. >> rose: you have endorsed him? >> i did, you know, recently, i sent a check for 1,000 bucks, which is not much these days, it sure was for me, but he -- you know, santorum i worked with santorum, and i worked with gingrich and i would speak for my leader and there is a great leader was bob dole. >> rose: right. >> and i was his assistant for ten years and on the other side was george mitchell and --able and daschle, all leaders and i tell you, there is no real leadership of gutsy, hard, hard, hard decisions to make and as erskine says what we suggest and the reason we get shot to shreds and always there is we are specific as to what will be done is very painful, especially to every single group that testifies before us, 105 groups saying this is terrible, it is unsustainable, it is unconscionable and don't touch ours, grover, i said to grover, he said, my hero is ronald reagan, who is almost hymnal music in the background, i said, well, ronald reagan raised taxes 11 times
Search Results 0 to 44 of about 45 (some duplicates have been removed)

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